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We all have questions from time to time!  Please read below for any answers to your questions!  If you still have questions please feel free to contact us through our "Contact" page!  Thank you!


Any questions about orders online can be sent to  If the item is needing to be shipped, please give all information for shipping and request an invoice before purchase.


Shipping for items smaller than 1 pound or jewelry is a flat rate of $4.95.  Any other shipping quotes should be requested upon purchase of your item.

Gift shipping is not available at this time but we hope to have it available in the near future.  Please check back with us for updates on this option.

Estate liquidations & Consignments

If interested in an Estate Liquidation please contact me at or call 214-883-5775 for best information.  We have a graduated fee structure for sales depending on the sales itself and what needs to be done.  Our lowest fee is 20% in some cases.  We take items on consignment to add to our website, social media, etc. with a split of 60/40 with 60 % going to you as the consignee and 40% going to us.  We do not BUY items.  The best way to ensure a smooth transaction is to email or text a picture of your item with a short description and the amount you would like to get from the sale of the item. 


We do not accept any returns under any circumstances for any reason.  Please do your due diligence in researching the item you purchase and all necessary aspects of your item as to not create an issue on a return.  We do not accept returns.  

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